Back to Basic


Back to just plain-o stampin’ {::SMILES} using Kristina’s colors #52: baja, saffron, mustard, sand, and white. I used my Inkadinkado stamps and SU’s Congrats. For the dragonfly I adhere some Pixie Pixles by Pink Paislee (I have a pen glue by Martha Stewart so it’s easy to go around the edges of the dragonfly). Just something sweet and simple for a friend who just had a baby… and C-section. She had a boy and I thought I’d keep the card neutral with a dash of blue of mama and him.This is my second attempt. I’ll show you my first (and improvised) attempt on my next post.

I have two more weeks, yeah! Yesterday I got myself a treat… a handicap pass! Yes, much needed!!! The folks at work are redoing the parking lot across the street from my office and so I have to park a bit away and on bad days it’s soooooooo painful. Just like today. So for the next two weeks I can park right outside my building door. It’s really nice since right now I feel like somebody kicked me on the crotch and then crushed my bones to little pieces. I have good days and bad days. Today’s one of them bad days.

Ok, hope your day’s a lot less painful than mine. More later!

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18 thoughts on “Back to Basic

  1. Oh Savitri...your card is delish and you have a way with poor dear...I remember that pain specifically...I feel for you sista! Thank goodness you have the parking pass...
  2. This card is plain for you, but I love it! I hope all the pain you are enduring now will be it and when she comes, she'll just come right out with no pain! Thanks for sharing your story. I had to share it with my hubby so he understands why some of his co-workers are on bed rest. It's not for fun...DUH!
  3. I love you card! And yeah for the handicap pass! You are so close to the end! I kept telling myself those last couple weeks, "It's all going to be worth it." I said it over and OVER. It's kind of weird because I think we're done (3 is a enough!) Every time I try to imagine there being more I just think, heck no! I cannot endure another horrible pregnancy. Is that terrible to say? All three were totally worth it, but three is plenty! :-) Anyhoo! Now I'm just babbling! Wishing you the best for the last couple weeks! Hugs from Morocco!
  4. HI Savitri, how are has been some time :) Your card looks wonderful this week! I like the simplicity pure stamping and the added butterfly cutout! Have agreat day! hugs~Donna
  5. oh man savitri... you sound like you're about to really pop! i hope you find some comfort soon and congrats on the parking pass :O)
  6. Very, nice! I love it, the card has a calm look to it! I'm sure she'll love it. Hurray for your handicap parking permit, I'm sure that helps, from what you described, it sounds very painful! Yikes! Oh, and thank you for accepting me on Facebook! It's so much fun to see who else is on there! Teehee! Hugs Clouds :D
  7. Thank the Lord for parking passes! :-D I sure hope the pain goes away and stays away! In the mean time, you creativity certainly isn't suffering from your pain! This card is lovely! It's always a pleasure checking out what you've created!
  8. Love the simplicity! Sorry your in so much pain, I never knew how painful pregnancy was until I had my second one! My lower back still hurts, and he just turned 8! :)

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