Sens de Temp

Sens de Temps

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Have you seen the April Mini Catalog yet? If not, you should!! I’ve only created a few things from the stamps I’ve purchased from the mini catty (I love this part of the SU demo perk — buy early and sometimes with a special discount) and I think this is one of my favorite set… especially since it’s in French he he he… (you can buy the English too… and I think Spanish). The English version would have the stamp name of Sense of Time and the sentiment would be: An unhurried sense of time is in itself a form of wealth.

Sometimes I feel like life is a rush. The appointments, that deadlines, this chores, etc. So this is just a little reminder to take it easy, esp. for me, with baby #2 on the way (which btw is doing well — she is at least — momma’s having growing big issues, e.g. hard time breathing, lower pelvic pain, cramps). For those who asked, I am 30-weeks along. My due date is June 4th. Yeah! Getting there!!!

This card is based on a Caardvarks challenge. I just gave it my own twist. It’s got all the elements on the sketch, right right right?

Ok, ’nuff from me. I’ll post more later!

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13 thoughts on “Sens de Temp

  1. I love this card Savitri. I think I would have bought the french version too, as it adds to the overall charm. Love the clock & big bow....couldn't have been made any better.
  2. Okay Savitri...this is absolutely fantabulous! sheesh, I wouldn't of thought of buying that set in're a genius! Wow, June 4th? That'll be here in no time [says the woman that isn't pregnant and doesn't have growing big issues, e.g. hard time breathing, lower pelvic pain, cramps..}. Hang in there sista!!!
  3. A person can buy stamps in French when she doesn't live in France?!?!?! Who would have thought? Well, you did -- what a zaney brainy you are! My daughter is a French major at the University of Arkansas who was born in the US to all-American parents by some sort of cosmic error. I can't get her interested in stamping at all, but if I bought SU! stamps in French . . . . ????
    1. I am such a great demo so it's not for sure BUT, I think it's new. So I am quite excited!!! If your daughter is a cosmic error than what about me? First of all I am not at all European decent :p
  4. Beautiful card. The yellow ribbon just pops out at you, very elegant as well. I'm thinking of getting some stuff from the catalogue as well! That stamp set really caught my eye, hmm.... TFS Clouds :o)
  5. This is beautiful! I love it in French! Hang in there for those last few weeks. Landon is almost six months old and I'm already forgetting most of the icky parts of his pregnancy!

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