The X-Factor

Thank You Ok, this is going to sound weird but my ex-husband and his wife just left our home a few hours ago (we were suppose to meet in Omaha but the weather got all crazy on us). Even though it was only a night we had a great time talking – catching up and getting to know his wife more.

A bit of history… I was with my ex for eight years. He was my college sweetheart and my first serious boyfriend (my first kiss at 20!!!). He’s a sweet sweet guy but we weren’t meant to spend our lives under the same roof. What we needed to accomplish in life we couldn’t do together but no matter what we promised to always be there for each other. We even did the silly thing of: if we meet up again and we’re both single maybe we can hook up again. But of course that’s not the case even though he was very particular about who I dated and vice versa.

The first year we were apart I learned more about me than my whole entire life it seemed. I set up goals and accomplished them within the set time limits. For the first time I did a lot of stuff for me. It felt really good and my ex was very proud and happy for me. We always chatted here and there and not being together as a couple actually helped us grow. He met his wife a couple years ago and that’s been the best thing for him (just like my hubby has been for me). I only dated my hubby after our split but my ex went through a few and his wife was the only one I approved. I really like her (even though I did warn her that if she ever hurt him I’d come over and karate chop her ha ha). Lately her and I have been chatting on Facebook. We got along really well and so it was so nice to meet her in person.

ReunionMy husband… he’s cool with everything (he took this picture). He had a great time visiting with both and of course M did too. Some people have a hard time with my relationships. It’s complicated but our current arrangement makes our souls very happy. Although my ex and I couldn’t live together ’til death do us part, we both can honestly say that there’s no better person we’d rather be with during our early adult life than each other.

My card is a simple card using all SU stuff: Sizzlet Little Leaves, cardstock, Trendy Trees stamp. The colors are based on Kristina’s colors: black, white, red, and basic gray.

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17 thoughts on “The X-Factor

  1. Hiya Savitri! I think your relationship with your ex-hubby is awesome!! When I was 18 I was engaged to an amazing guy, but my heart still belonged to my very first boyfriend (met when we were 12!). I broke off the engagement to be with that first boyfriend and have now been married to him for almost 19 years! My ex fiance lives 25 minutes from me (moved here from across the country in fact!!) and he and my hubby are the best of friends! We are all close and I am very happy that it has worked out this way! I feel lucky to have them both in my life! Hope you had a very happy V day! Big hug!
  2. Very cute card!! Love the simple black and white! What a refreshing story about your ex, so glad for you it could all work well. (And you do seem to have a knack for getting cute guys! hee! hee!)
  3. Your card is beautiful, so elegant. I read your post too - wow, good for you guys! If people have a problem with that, let them. At the end of the day, if you are both happy ... that's great. x Amanda
  4. that is so sweet. the card and the story. my ex is my best friend, it's nice that as odd as people make us feel about it, that there are others out there doing the same thing. i think it just means we are good people who value our relationships in whatever form they are meant to be! and now i have the greatest relationship with the right man and a perfect best friend in my ex :O)
  5. I LOVE your card! Clean and favorite. I'm happy to hear you have such a great Bruce/Demi relationship with your ex. That says something wonderful about both of you.
  6. What an amazing story Savitri and thank you so much for sharing it with us. It is sad that more people can't be that way, just admit its not going to work and move on. I think it is wonderful that you two were able to do that and remain friends! I love the card too. Black is not a color I choose very often, but I often like the way it looks, kind of sleek.

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