Tut: How to Print Wallet Size Photos

I’ve had a lot of people ask me personally or via a forum how I print my wallet size photos or how to print a wallet size photos without paying the wallet size price and the extras. How do I do it? Like the below video!

I did the editing in Photoshop but this is a very basic concept and so any photo editing software should be able to resize and drop a few photos into a 4×6 work area. Don’t have a photo editing software? Try Gimp. It’s free! Hope this helps!

Ok… I got into my craft room yesterday. It was only for five minutes but I did make a card. Yeah!!! One more night, I know, and I get my craft room back {::SMILES}.

Here’s another video I want to share. It’s my first M video. I’ve made many videos of her but not one to publish to the world. I thought, since her picture is on almost all my pages and I’m posting them all over the place, why the heck not.

So here she is… the chatterbox. This is what she does everyday, make things up as she goes. This is her very new bike. Grandma and grandpa had to spoil her. We didn’t get her one because… we have no place to ride it besides the garage. We live on 1/2 mile of gravel road. But, they got her one and M’s just super happy with it.

After the bike we played school but somebody was just not cooperating! Ok, have a great rest of the day! More later… hopefully with something else but digital {::SMILES}.

I used a Flip recorder for this. My unit purchased three of them for faculty check-out. I’ve recorded and emailed myself the video using it’s software but uhmmm… I’m not sure where the email is. Lost in AOL land. So far I’m not too impress with the software but the recorder itself is pretty nice. The image is better than I expected it to be. I used iMovie to edit this. I’ll have a better report after I play with it a little more.

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