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I didn’t do anything this weekend that’s crafty. The car show that I mentioned last week was actually this weekend so we went that yesterday. Since it was in KC, we made a day out of the whole event — had Dim Sum for lunch — YUM. I was too pooped after we came home so I just finished cleaning and went to bed. I did though get a lot of cleaning done. I can see my craft table again {::SMILES}.

So today, I just want to share a few things…

For card folks, have you seen this by Lauren Meader? It’s the cutest card ever I think. A Onesie Card!! Yes, it looks like a little onesie. I am going to try one out this week. I have nobody to give this card to until months from now but hey, it’s too cute to pass up. If you haven’t subscribed to her blog, do so. She’s got so many creative ideas.

Japan ChallengeFor digi and scrapbooker people, have you checked out Prima Hybrid? Oh you should! Not only do they have some of my favorite digi designers but they also have a gallery that takes anything AND I love Primas. Yes, Prima is now catering to traditional, hybrid, and digi scrappers! My past few LO have all had some sort of floral on them. I’m trying to change this next time around but so hard. They’re so lovely and I do have a little girl. Also, have you ever gone to Stock Exchange? They have a lot of free, personal use, photos that you can use for your digiscrap (or anything really — I use them for website designing and flier making). There are many other sites but this is one of my favorites.

I have two samples, these are pages that I did two years ago. I didn’t start buying digi kits/elements/paper until the end of 2007. Before I just use a handful of freebie stuff or I’d just do my own. Between the image and the free brushes, I could do what I wanted to do. But with the varieties of them right, I just couldn’t resist and had to buy a few. Now I love them. But this Japanese page that I did was a challenge back in August’07 at Scrapbook-Bytes. The theme was Haiku/Japan. I didn’t have an image that fits so I got these two from Stock Exchange. The brush is from Miss M at Paper Lilies (great artist this person is). I just blended them together voila. I got a page put together.

HomeThis other example is one I made for M, another challenge from Scrapbook-Bytes. The theme was “home.” Here are the details (that I copied from SBB when I posted this):

Flower from Google (another good source but check the copyright info) some while back. The flower went through the colored pencil and underpainting artistic filter. Before the filter it went through some heavy curves, hue/sat, and channel mixer.

The “Home” went through a few filters that I can’t remember, brush strokes and sketches. Both the “Home” and the flower were done in the filter gallery.

Paper, vellum, and brad were created by me. Brush from Fonts (mistral, kayleigh, and the word “Home” – rasterized it so dunno what font type it is) from

Photo is of our daughter, it has gone through some adjustments also.

Layout story: Home is where we’re stationed. Though Missouri is lovely it’s not quite home. We haven’t found home yet but home is where our family is stationed at. No matter where we are though, we’ll make the best of it and we’ll be happy ’till we find that place we can call home.

Layout text: You can click on the image and enlarge it to read.

More scrapbooking stuff… I just joined Studio Calico’s Kit Club for six months (at least). YEAH! So excited. For about $36 with shipping ($29.95 + S/H) per month I’ll be receiving some really fun scrapbook stuff. I can’t wait! My first shipment is mid-March. I’ve been so inspired by one of her designer, Christine. I’ve been buying stuff that I’ve seen on her site and she’s been (well her blog at least… for all she knows I don’t exist, ha!) helping me think outside the box and be more detailed and such. Not as great as her but oh so I wish! There are so many companies who does kits but I’m so into three of them right now. Maybe after I try a couple kits I’ll join another company. We’ll see.

Ok, so that’s it. I’ll have some cards to share later today… I do want to do a onesie card!

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