My Last LO for the Year

Ok, this is it folks. No more lay outs for this year. I think I’ve reached my maximum creativity level for the year.

UnderwoodThis layout is special. Not because of the image. I mean yes I love my typewriter but for this digital scrapbook page I used purchased kits and elements besides freebie stuff. I spent $10.75 at SBB for Dani B’s stuff because she’s going to be “retiring” from designing and I like some of her stuff. For the first time too I didn’t make anything original piece. I was either too lazy or I just want just use what’s already available. The next LO I plan on using something from Vera Lim, also at SBB. I love her stuff but just have been a tight wad to buy any.

For this layout, the credit goes to:

Papers: Dani B, Rene Bross, and Ronna Penner
Elements: Dani B and Valeri from DSP
Font: Aquiline from and Courier

Photoshop Action: Dani B (used to create the wrinkled look on the circa paper)

The journaling:

We love anything old. In the last few years we’ve been collecting old items, nothing much, just what we find and what we can afford at that time. Drew’s always been good at keeping his eyes out and one day, on the local E-bay aka iLand, he saw this typewriter. I have been looking for one and for $35 this is just perfect. So we called and the item was still available. We made arrangements and this little Underwood changed hands. Today it sits on top of our kitchen cabinets looking beautiful and elegant.

We’ve collected other items but this is one that I have always wanted to have and to this date the one that I love the most.

We always look forward to our antiquing trips, even Emma enjoys it too.

For the journaling, I used the same technique as the text that flows to the shape of a circle in the previous LO but this time I used the pen tool. What I did was I selected the pen tool, clicked on the very top left where my journaling started, clicked on the right where it will end, clicked just above the circle and I did small clicks around the circle (I could have done one click above and another below the circle and form the line to create a half circle around the image but it’s easier for me to just do multiple clicks for this purpose), clicked just below the circle, clicked to the left (the very left bottom my last line), and let go. Then I went through the process of pushing my Command key (I’m on my Mac this time) or Ctrl on the PC and selecting the mask on the layer…

Ok, it’s 4:15 a.m. I have not been able to sleep lately. I think I’m so not use to being at home and sleeping in. I love being on holiday break {::smile} Have a great New Year and wishing you all the best this upcoming year! Thanks so much for visiting my site and leaving me comments here and there. I really appreciate it!

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7 thoughts on “My Last LO for the Year

  1. Your layout is really beautiful! Thanks for stopping by my blog - with the mintie wreath, you tie a piece of cotton around the end of the mintie (and knot it) and then you tie this to the round piece of wire (and knot it again). I hope this makes sense...sorry it's a little hard to explain. Have a lovely new year, Melx
  2. Hi Savitri! I'm new scrapbooking so I look forward to seeing your different layouts for inspiration. I love your layout! Thanks for the instructions. It really helps! Hope you have a wonderful New Year! Your SBS2 sis, Maria
  3. Hi! You have made some really cool stuff! I didn't realize you were talking about digital scrapbooking....I was thinking paper, glue, scissors, etc. This is nice work. What do you do with the lay outs? [print them out, or are they on a web site somewhere?] I'm a little unclear about all of this! But it looks so fun. Jill
  4. Your layouts are great. You might take me into the world of digiscrapping if you keep this up!! So far I'm old school 100%. This sisterhood may be the ticket to broadening my horizons. Great work!
  5. This is wonderful....I'm a newbie scrapbooker....but I've learned never to say keep up the awesome layouts and I'll have another interest to pursue! Happy New Year!!
  6. This is SO stunning. I love old typewrites and black and text in general. Digital scrapping can look amazing, hey? I keep meaning to start scrapping again when I see such gorgeous pages! :0) Mel

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